The Vampire Diaries Jonathan Gilbert Family Ring, Alaric Saltzman Ring, Jeremy Gilbert Ring, The Gilbert Ring

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Transport yourself back in time to Mystic Falls with this ring of supernatural protection forged of the greatest magic by Emily Bennett all those years ago allowing Jonathan Gilbert to fight the good fight against the vampires ravaging the town.

Two rings were made for Jonathan Gilbert, and in modern times they were owned by Grayson and John Gilbert. John giving his away to his teen lover, Isobel who then gifted it to that vampire hunting history teacher husband of hers, Alaric Saltzman - boy do these rings get around! John Gilbert then inherits brother Grayson's ring once again. The ring protects the wearer from death by supernatural means. It sure has saved Jeremy & Alaric's tail time and time again!

Costume ring made of silvertone zinc alloy ring with with imitation black stone background with Gilbert Crest.

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