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Calling all Vampire Diaries, Originals and Legacies Fans!

Get the 3 piece set of Hope Mikaelson's necklaces that she wears on Legacies.

Get the all or just get the ones you like!

The Mikaelson Family Crest "M" Pendant -This amazing necklace is our take on Hope's trio that she wears. She loving remembers her infamous hybrid bad boy father, the relentless, loved and feared Klaus Mikaelson and the Mikaelson Family with the Olde English M family crest on long silvertone chain.

The Crescent Moon & green stone (a faux green agate) - She pays tribute to her courageous, heroic, alpha of the Crescent Wolves Andrea Labonair better known as Hayley Marshall Kenner, who fought to the very end to protect her beloved daughter. This is a silvertone chain with a crescent moon and a green faux agate.

The Lucky Wishbone - Lastly the lucky wishbone necklace. Because if you are the mystic Tribrid, a Witch, born of a Werewolf and a Vampire-Werewolf Hybrid - You need all the luck you can get!

NEW!!!! The Hollow Ouroboros Necklace!!!! Snake eatings it tale just like on the show. Someone has to root for the bad guy? Why not? This is a great piece to add to your collection

You can order the set or each individually. They will come individually wrapped in cellophane in the cotton filled gift box to prevent tangling.

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