925 Sterling Silver The Vampire Diaries Elena Inspired Locket

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Transport yourself back in time to Mystic Falls with this unique locket! Worn by little Miss Innocent, Elena Gilbert to protect her from coming under the spell of big bad Damon or any other vamps who may be trying to do her harm.

This locket has a lot of history, first belonging to the witch Esther Mikaelson, it was enchanted and passed to her daughter Rebekah. Later it was found by Stefan and gifted to Elena. This necklace has been around. A powerful magical object you are sure to want to have one for yourself. Comes with small packet of the herb blue vervain to protect you from compulsion.

This comes in 925 sterling silver has a red crystal stone similar to the one used in the TV Show.

Fine jewelry made of sterling is custom made and takes 2-3 weeks. Please understand this is a process.

The chain is 16" long with an 8" drop.

Our jewelry is handcrafted, and thoughtfully designed with adorable charms that represents favorite characters and themes.

All of our items come gift boxed and ready to give as a present.

None of the products I sell are advertised as official merchandise or are licensed in anyway - these are purely INSPIRED by the fictional characters, books, films, comics, movies, or television that they are paying tribute to.